Insurance Coverage:

Guardian Transportation offers service for most medical insurance providers and will bill them for your convenience. Please be advised that Guardian Transportation is not responsible for guaranteeing insurance coverage. It is the sole responsibility of the insured to make sure their policy includes, ambulatory or wheelchair transportation coverage. If coverage is denied, the responsibility will fall back on the client to pay.

Listed below are the most common carriers of transportation coverage. We have included provider numbers for your convenience, as well as information on how to schedule your ride depending on your insurance provider. If you have any questions or are uncertain about your coverage, utilize the provider numbers below or click on the provider's links to go directly to their web page for more detailed information. For medical assistance clients, please contact your social worker.

Blue Plus

Provider Services:
Blue Ride: 651-000-0000

If you have Blue Cross/Blue Shield, you must call 'Blue Ride' and set your ride up with them. If you contact us directly, they may not pay for the ride. Check your coverage by calling Provider Services before scheduling your ride. Minnesota Care is not covered.

Health Partners

Provider Services: 952-967-7979
Ride Care (Day Ride): 952-883-7400
Ride Care (Night Ride): 952-883-7444

If you need a ride between the hours of 8am and 5pm, you will need to call Ride Care (Day Ride) directly to schedule your ride but if it is after 5pm and before 8am, you will call Ride Care (Night Ride) and schedule your ride. Any ride you schedule should be verified for coverage first, especially rides scheduled at night. So make sure to call Provider Services above before scheduling your transport.

UCare Minnesota

Provider Services: 612-676-3300 (ambulatory)
Ride Line: 612-676-6830 (wheelchair)

If you have UCare and are looking for transportation, you can call UCare at the above numbers to verify coverage and also to set up a ride. We can set the ride up for you but you will need to have all your insurance information available at time of scheduling.

Medical Assistance

Automated Provider Line: 651-282-5354
Customer Relations: 651-296-7675

The automated line is excellent to use if you have your insurance number available and want to check to see if you have transportation coverage. Listen carefully and it should tell you that you have either, ambulatory transportation coverage or wheelchair transportation coverage. If you don't hear either of these things, chances are you are not covered. You may be under your secondary insurance, so it pays to check that as well. If you have questions and are not sure, contact Customer Relations above or call your social worker.


Provider Relations: 952-992-2292

Please keep in mind that Medica rarely covers transports unless you get a pre-authorization from them specifically. We will schedule the ride for you if you have your Medica information and authorization number available when you call.

Please feel free to call or email for any additional information about our above services, or use the navigation above to find out more about our rates and services.

Local: (952)595-9030